Most Efficient Barrel Fan

Our AirVan is the largest, most power portable barrel fan on the market.

  • Silent motor
  • 5 blades & 2 rubber wheels
  • Three diameters: 2.9-, 4.9- &  6.6- ft (90-, 150- & 200- cm)
  • Variable speed control
  • Indoor and outdoor uses with an IP55
  • Arrives pre-assembled for immediate use


ModelDiameter Power Speed Air FlowRecom. CoverageWeight
AirVan 90  2,9 ft (0.9 m) 0.5 kW 700 rpm 13,490 cfm (22,920 m³/h) 1,474 ft² (137 m²)57 kg 
   AirVan 150 4.9 ft (1.5 m) 0.95 kW 400 rpm 35,314 cfm (60,000 m³/h) 3,875 ft² (360 m²)103 kg
  AirVan 150P  4.9 ft (1.5 m) 0.95 kW 400 rpm 35,314 cfm (60,000 m³/h) 4,951 ft² (460 m²)128 kg
AirVan 200 6.6 ft (2 m) 0.95 kW 260 rpm 53,254 cfm (90,480 m³/h)5,468 ft² (508 m²)137 kg 
AirVan 200P6.6 ft (2 m) 0.95 kW 260 rpm 53,254 cfm (90,480 m³/h) 6,996 ft² (650 m²)162 kg 

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Barrel fan

Portable Industrial AirVan Fan ideal for indoor or outdoor mobile cooling.

  • Easy to Use, Easy to Move
  • Extremely silent
  • Plug & Play Technology
  • AC motor with control by frequency inverter and aluminum aerodynamic blades
  • Thanks to its height, can pass through any door


It is easy to move for optimal breeze direction and also now we have added a Pivoting AirVan fan called AirVan-P to the range of portable fans, to cover even more area

Barrel fan


You can controll a single AirPivot through an electronic display and an intuitive keyboard integrated in a discrete wall control box. Or you can also controll the AirPivot Fan with the Magnocontrol, it allows manage up to 25 units, fans can be grouped for zone operation and this control incorporates temperature sensors, schedule function, and automated seasonal modes.

If you need controll more than 25 AirPivot Fans, we can do a BMS personalized to controll unlimited fans. You can incorporate in a Magnocontrol as many fans of the Anemoi range as you want.

Barrel fan
Barrel fan

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