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The industrial ceiling fan ANEMOI AIRBEAM is ideal to ensure the comfort of customers and workers.

The AIRBEAM 100 fan, with a diameter of 110cm, provides a large flow of air directed from the ceiling or beams.

Allows you to adjust 30º inclination.

The DC motor incorporated makes it quieter and more efficient.

It is operated from an electronic control board and an intuitive keyboard integrated in a discreet box that is installed on the wall.

Ideal industrial fan for industrial buildings, gyms, farms, etc …


Project details

  • [:en]Diameter[:es]Diámetro[:]: [:en]0.78m & 1.11m[:es]0,78m y 1,11m[:]
  • [:en]Power[:es]Potencia[:]: [:en]0.5kW & 0.7kW[:es]0,5kW y 0,7kW[:]
  • [:en]Air flow[:es]Flujo de aire[:]: [:en]22,920m3/h & 38,700m3/h[:es]22.920m3/h y 38.700m3/h[:]
  • [:en]Coverage[:es]Cobertura[:]: 220m²