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Industrial fan for loading docks.

This series of fans is ready to be installed on loading doors and to ventilate trucks or containers during unloading.

Thanks to this fan, it will work at a more comfortable temperature and avoid unpleasant odors or harmful gases.


Project details

  • [:en]Air speed[:es]Velocidad del aire[:]: [:en]20.8 & 31 m/s[:es]20,8 y 31 m/s[:]
  • [:en]Power[:es]Potencia[:]: [:en]0.25 & 0.37 kW[:es]0,25 y 0,37 kW[:]
  • [:en]Air flow[:es]Flujo de aire[:]: [:en]1,450 & 2,040 m3/h[:es]1.450 y 2.040 m3/h[:]
  • [:en]Rotation speed[:es]Velocidad de rotación[:]: [:en]1,050 & 1,500 rpm[:es]1.050 y 1.500 rpm[:]