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Portable industrial fan of axial type with wheels.

The ANEMOI AIRWAGON fan has been designed to move easily by pulling on its handle and to operate outdoors with rain.

Its rubber wheels allow you to move on any terrain.

The DC motor incorporated makes it quieter and more efficient.

It integrates an electronic control board and an intuitive keyboard to adjust the speed of rotation.

Portable industrial fan ideal for industrial buildings, gyms, open spaces, tents, farms, etc …


Project details

  • [:en]Diameter[:es]Diámetro[:]: [:en]0.85m, 1.15m & 1.45m[:es]0,85m, 1,15 y 1,45m[:]
  • [:en]Power[:es]Potencia[:]: [:en]0.5kW, 0.7kW & 0.75kW[:es]0,5kW, 0,7kW y 0,75kW[:]
  • [:en]Air flow[:es]Flujo de aire[:]: [:en]22,920m3/h ~ 57,240m3/h[:es]22.920m3/h ~ 57.240m3/h[:]
  • [:en]Coverage[:es]Cobertura[:]: 130 ~ 320 m²
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