Industrial Fan Extractor AIRWALL

Industrial Fan Extractor AIRWALL



The Anemoi AirWall fan is ideal for extracting and renewing air from buildings It integrates into the wall without taking up just space inside the building. The DC motor that it incorporates makes it quieter and more efficient.

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Airing System Embedded in Wall. AIRWALL fan is ideal for extracting and renewing air from buildings. This kind of extractor industrial fan is integrated into the wall without taking up much space inside the building. this Airing System Embedded in Wall is available in three different sizes 3-, 4- & 4.7- ft (0.95-, 1.27- and 1.43- m) and power: 0.73, 1 & 1.2 kW.

The DC motor incorporated makes it quieter and more efficient. It is operated from an electronic control board and an intuitive keyboard integrated in a discreet box that is installed on the wall.

Ideal industrial fan extractor for industrial buildings, greenhouse for vegetables or plants, farms, bar, shops, supermarket, industrial workshop, kitchen, restaurant, factories, etc …

Operation Voltage: 220V.

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ModelDiameter Power Max. Current  Air FlowRecom. CoverageWeight
Airwall 100 3 ft (0.95 m)0.73 kW3.5 A 23 555 cfm (40,020 m³/h) 2 583.3 ft² (240 m²)37 kg
Airwall 120 4 ft (1.27 m)1.0 kW4.5 A 35 431 cfm (60,300 m³/h) 3 875 ft² (360 m²)62 kg
Airwall 150 4.7 ft (1.43 m)1.2 kW5.4 A 36 621 cfm (62,220 m³/h) 4 036.5 ft² (375 m²)70 kg


We have a screen to integrate more than one industrial axial fan. If you need a personalized study, you can request a quote and our technical team will provide you the best solution:

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Weight110 kg
Dimensions430 cm