AirSlim L Industrial Ceiling Fan



HVLS ceiling fans designed for industrial use in spaces over 8 meters high. This model has a total of 5 aluminum blades and a brushless EC motor. It is designed to move the maximum air flow by the minimum consumption. Extremely silent fan.


Airslim L HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan

The largest fan of the AirSlim industrial ceiling fan model has a power of 1000W or 1500W and are recommended for spaces over 8 meters high.

Currently, these types of  HVLS ceiling fans are installed in very high ceilings, hangars, airports, logistics centers, large warehouses, large shopping centers, buildings with high ceilings, industries …

The blades design of this giant industrial fan has been developed by NASA and, together with a EC motor without gears, make it a quiet and light equipment. The reliability of this system allows us to give the fan a guarantee of 50,000 hours of operation.

It consists of an EC Motor without gearbox or brushes that makes it totally silent and efficient, and 5 aluminum blades. Optional custom paint.


ModelDiameterPowerMax. SpeedAir FlowMax. Coverage Weight
 Airslim 400L 14 ft (4.3 m) 1000 W 84 rpm 165,507 cfm (281,198 m³/h) 14,122 ft² (1,312 m²) 66 kg
 Airslim 550L 18 ft (5.5 m) 1000 W 69 rpm 224,885 cfm (382,082 m³/h) 19,192.5 ft² (1,783 m²) 75 kg
 Airslim 700L 24 ft (7.3 m) 1500 W 49 rpm 423,469 cfm (719,478 m³/h) 36,145 ft² (3,358 m²) 93 g


Winter destratification

COMFORT: During Winter, the hot air reaches the top coats by natural tendence. Anemoi ciling fans homogenize the air temperatura in all coats and, consequently , generate higher comfort at ground level .
SAVINGS: In air conditioned buildings , ceiling fans achieve up to 45% energy savings .

Comfort in summer

COMFORT: In summer Anemoi fans créate a gentle breeze that decrease the thermal sensation of people Leaving a door or window open, you can remove excess heat accumulated inside the building.
SAVINGS: In air conditioned buildings fans achieve up to 25 energy savings.

Additional information

Weight93 kg

400L, 550L, 700L