Industrial Portable Fan AirVan



The AirVan is a portable fan designed to provide comfort in any space thanks to its four wheels. The three different sizes and the pivot option make this fan perfect for any need. These fans are also protected for industrial environments with IP55.

Industrial Portable Fan

Our portable industrial fan, AirVan, uses the same high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) technology as our ceiling fans to deliver huge amounts of airflow with low energy costs. It is the perfect fan for spaces where it is not possible to install on ceiling or if it is a dynamic space.

  • Silent motor BLDC
  • Use it both indoors and outdoors
  • Setup is simple: just plug & play
  • Coverage up to 5 468 ft² (508 m²) away
  • High performance and heacy duty
  • High efficiency of airing
  • Sound level <60 dBA
  • Supply voltage 200-240 VAC, I, 50 Hz
  • Protection degree IP55
  • Cover grid protection IP20
  • Black matte and 5 aluminium blades


ModelDiameterPowerMax. SpeedAir FlowMax. Coverage Weight
AirVan 90 35.4 in (0.9 m)0.5 kW700 rpm 13 490 cfm (22,920 m³/h) 2 045 ft² (190 m²)57.2 kg
AirVan 150 59 in (1.5 m)0.95 kW360 rpm 35 315 cfm (60,000 m³/h) 3 444 ft² (320 m²)103.0 kg
AirVan 200 78.7 in (2 m)0.95 kW260 rpm 53 254.5 cfm (90,480 m³/h) 5 468 ft² (508 m²)137.1 kg

Tech spects

Industrial Drum Fan

The most common applications are in industries where you want to cool specific areas and HVLS fans cannot be installed, sports spaces such as gyms, tennis courts, paddle courts, soccer fields …, car workshops or dealerships, commercial stores …

This Industrial Drum Fan incorporates a very intuitive keyboard to adjust the rotation speed.

Industrial Drum Fan

Additional information

Weight120 kg
Dimensions430 cm