Industrial Ventilator AIRBEAM



The AIRBEAM is a ceiling fan designed to cover any space in which an HVLS fan with big diameters cannot be installed. It is the perfect solution for corridors or straight areas. The ceiling bracket design allows 30º inclination adjust and its powerful BLDC motor can boost the air to more than 40 meters. These fans are also protected for industrial environments with IP55.

Industrial Ventilator AirBeam

The industrial ventilator Anemoi AirBeam is ideal to ensure the customers and workers comfort. The AirBeam fan, with a diameter of 0.85 or 1.15 meters, provides a large flow of air directed from the ceiling or beams. 40º degree adjustable wind direction.

The DC motor incorporated makes it quieter and more efficient. It is operated from an electronic control board and an intuitive keyboard integrated in a discreet box that is installed on the wall. If you want to carry out a project with more fans, they can be integrated into a control screen of up to 25 units, you can request a free quote:

Industrial ventilator ideal for industrial or commercial spaces, where it is not possible to install large HVLS ceiling fans, such as warehouses, farms, gardens, stations, etc …

  • 5 Aluminium blades with black end caps
  • Separated drive up to 20 meters
  • Easy control from 0 to 100% in 10% steps
  • Strong and robust fixation to ceilings or beams


ModelDiameterPowerMax. SpeedAir FlowCoverage Weight
 Airbeam 70 (2.8 ft) 0.85 m 0.5 kW 600 rpm 22 920 cfm (22,920 m³/h) 1 399.3 ft² (130 m²) 61.2 kg
 Airbeam 100 (3.8) 1.15 m 0.7 kW 450 rpm 22 778 cfm (38,700 m³/h) 2 260.4 ft² (210 m²) 73.4 kg

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Weight110 kg